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The Police and Clergy Alliance (PACA) is an exciting growing initiative whose mission is to provide an effective approach to foster relations with the citizens of Little Rock by building trust and encouraging enhanced levels of community participation. Through PACA, the Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) and Southwest Pastors Alliance partner together to improve the quality of life in area neighborhoods by coordinating local churches and individuals to work with local law enforcement to address legal, relational, emotional and spiritual needs and other significant issues that reflect community-wide concerns. PACA is presently working with the Little Rock Police Division of Domestic Violence to assist families. Monthly meetings engage faith based organizations to work with families by providing childcare, diapers, Walmart Gift Cards, and by joining one of our crisis teams (training involved), to provide mentoring and support such as driving individuals to court or to DHS appointments.

If you would like additional information regarding P.A.C.A.,

or how your church or non-profit can participate, please contact Robert Holt.

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