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Healing Waters Outreach Center continues to expand and last year served 27,000. For many years, Healing Waters has partnered with local Walmart stores to redistribute a wide array of household goods to families in need. Recently, Amazon made a shift in their

approach to donated goods to achieve impact that is consistent and has greater accountability by establishing the Good360 Initiative. Because Healing Waters has proven to be a good steward of donations, Amazon reached out to enlist us as a distribution center in order to receive donations from LIT2 to serve a larger number of non-profit groups in central Arkansas.


One of many awesome stories: We have been working with the Arkansas Nature Conservancy and how to work with young people involved in their youth programs. Recently through the Good 360 program we were given 10 Kayaks. These Kayaks will now be used to take youth into preserves that are mostly waterway or swamp areas in Arkansas. Cameron Holt will also help provide Photography Classes during these times out with the youth.

Bike Delivery.png

If you would like additional information regarding the Good360 program,

or how your church or non-profit can participate, please contact Dennis.

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