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"Feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, and taking care of widows and orphans."



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Robert Holt (Left) & Dennis Ochterbeck (Board President) Acting up as usual!

We have great momentum going into 2020 and we are so grateful for the continued support of all our partners. It is only with your support that our ministries, programs, trainings and materials can continue to assist with the Statewide Mentoring Alliance, expansion of the PACA partnership, and with ongoing training and equipping of churches, individuals and other groups across Central Arkansas. Your prayers and support allow us to maximize specific interventions and resources that are needed now and in the future to help address the increasingly urgent requests that L.O.V.E./Healing Waters receives regularly from area organizations, ministries, and law enforcement.


The recognized success of our broadly collaborative efforts in many communities, combined with momentum that is building for the future, helps us believe that the return on your faithful investment of time, finances and prayer will be seen in lives across Arkansas for generations to come.


The last few years have brought remarkable growth, achievement, and promise. The impact that we have seen in the lives of families and youth through mentoring, equipping, serving and assisting with basic human needs, and the progress being made through our coalitions and alliances by bringing groups together to share resources and work collaboratively to address critical community issues, is nothing short of remarkable. As you explore our website, know it is only by the Grace of God and Him using you we are able to serve so many and partner with such great organizations. THANK YOU for your prayers, your support, and for the opportunity to continue serving the great state of Arkansas.


Robert H. Holt

Executive Director

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