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Gardening Classes teach and equip individuals and families with skills they can apply for sustainable food production in their own backyard through straw bale gardening. To further encourage good health, Healing Waters offers monthly classes in healthy eating and nutrition. We also help other communities develop their own straw bale gardens, which offer self-sustaining food production even in very limited spaces with poor soil availability. In the last few years, Robert has taught many such classes in multiple venues and neighborhoods. Every year we average 45 family garden plots. The opportunity to teach and witness families working together to grow sustainable food is amazing.  Families learn how to grow herbs, veggies, fruit and wildflowers. Many of our volunteer groups have opportunities to come out and help keep the garden clean, harvested and watered. We are so grateful to the City of Shannon Hills for allowing us the use of the property and for donating the water. We want to encourage you to come out next year to see for yourself all the wonderful growth that takes place in our Community Garden.

If you would like additional information regarding our Community Garden program,

or how your church or non-profit can participate, please contact Robert Holt.

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