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Benevolence Ministry

Benevolence Ministry


The Benevolence Ministry exists to bridge the gap for individuals or families to help them move forward. This could be one of our advocates helping the family with food stamps or government assistance paperwork, financially assisting with a bill or medical needs, connecting them to a person or organization for stability, and more. This ministry has seen those recovering from addiction go from rehab, to sober living facility, to independence. It has seen single mothers get childcare so they can go to work. It has seen the hearing impaired receive hearing aids. It has seen children receive the medicine their parents could not afford. It has seen pregnant women get their co-pay covered for their pregnancy checkups. It has seen migrant teenagers come off the street and have a deposit paid for them to have their first home. This ministry has supported families who have been referred by police department victims services, DHS, DCFS, homeless shelters, addiction recovery programs, re-entry programs and more. 

If you are in need of benevolence assistance or would like additional information regarding the benevolence ministry, please contact Kelsey Payton.

To make a tax-deductible donation to the benevolence ministry so we can continue to meet the needs of those in the community, you can do so at the button below. Please designate "benevolence/local missions."

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